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Job offer

We are ic! berlin, makers of screwless sheetmetalglasses.

If these kinds of jobs existed I would apply! But back in my day there was nothing like this so I had to start my own company. You have it a lot easier now, coz you can just come work with us. We don’t care if you’re fresh out of school or if you have 40 years experience - if you’re sharp you could have a great job with us very soon! Worthwhile and … musical with our company choir every Monday morning.

We would like that you:

_can sing, or at least move your mouth rhythmically
_are open
_are organised
_are disciplined
_can read and write
_counting helps
_and of course, are a team player.

Es wäre auch hilfreich, wenn Sie diesen Satz verstehen können!

So write us, either old school with pen and paper, or new school with keys and mice. Or shoot a video on your smartphone and send it to us! Which reminds me – you should be a little bit Internet and social media literate. Throw it all in an envelope (digital or analogue) along with a photo or two that don’t look like mug shots or passport photos. Excite us!

Herzlichen Dank!

Ralph Anderl
Worldwide Sheetmetalglassessalesman