The time of Fashion is over. Mankind is bored by the ever new, the never-ending cycle of consumption. The bow is overdrawn: we shout “too much, too much!” as we fall back into our seat and shut our eyes and ears, tired from the noise of our time. 

Before Fashion there was craftsmanship. What little was there had to be good and had to last. Taking care of something, repairing, mending – these were once virtues, not always buying new. A pair of shoes to last a lifetime. Preindustrial life: simple and structured.

Then came the industrial revolution and with it, the efficiency of mechanisation to produce more and more. More than we actually needed. Widespread prosperity arose. The wave of the More.

More or less. More, but less. 

Quality decreases. Quantity increases. In the end, a rushed output of something new. As soon as we have what we need advertising creates a new wave of Fashion to tell us we need something new, to keep up consumption.

Miniscule changes help secure turnover in a saturated market; subdividing the smallest space. Not just shoes, but new shoes, red shoes, shoes with buckles, shoes with zippers. Every season a different colour, a different shape, until the end-of-season-sale sale and what was new is now junk. 

There we stand, slaves to development. To avoid going back to the Middle Ages we must go back to quality, back to “less is more” and the conscious decision to choose quality. Good and expensive. Good and cheap. Above all, quality.

A famous product with face and character. Authenticity is the key word of the New Era. Enlightened consumers who want to know what is in and behind the products – not retouched marketing hyperbole.


To create something, to own something, that is more than the sum of its parts, not churned out of soulless machines with no connection to the human world. The near, the understandable, the tangible. Handmade by real people. So goes the journey. A revolution: from back to front! From the Middle Ages to the post-industrial world of mass-produced products. 


ic! berlin makes glasses in our own Produktion Haus in Berlin. Precious treasures for the eyes and nose. Made by Berliners, not an anonymous multinational corporation. Built to last, not to become obsolete when the next model hits the market. With a little love an ic! berlin frame will be with you your whole life long. 


We make glasses for everybody – everybody, who doesn’t want to be like everybody else. We make glasses for your face. For round, oblong, oval, square, angular, soft, large and small faces. Glasses that are exciting, quiet, bombastic, silent, edgy, classic. Zen-like cohesion or rebellious screams, but above all, functional; weightless and gentle on the skin. Marching to the beat of our own drum. Bucking the norm. Breaking the mould. No bandwagons. We are not fashion lemmings.


Ralph - Extensive Resumee

Born at Pius hospital in Oldenburg an der hunte.

From 1976

1991 through 1993
Studies "cultural pedagogic" in Hildesheim. degree: "diploma in cultural pedagogy".

Diploma thesis, „image cognition and cognitive image. the light in caravaggio‘s images“

Since 1995
Without degree (so far): doctorate "the collapse of culture - a thesis over Robert Musil"

Since 1996
Sheet-metal glasses salesman with „ic! berlin brillen gmbh“.

Summer 2005
Founding of the ic! berlin charity foundation "pro one".

Acquirement of a 15% share package in Oakley-glasses Inc. Corp. California.

Completion of doctorate,"the collapse of culture - a thesis over robert musil" with the preface "summa cum laude".

Fall 2008
Complete take over of Oakley-glasses Inc Corp. California.

Founding of the ic! berlin automobile and aircraft AG.

01.05. 2012
Acquirement of a 63%-major share package in Fielmann AG.

General minister of culture with the EU in Brussels and Nuremberg (in office since 2022).

President of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Death through suffocation due to sharp fish bones (brasse) at a dinner with the fish importers association of Iceland in Berlin-Marzahn.



 "Ralph Anderl is founder and visionary of ic! berlin. He is a refreshing person. He reaches into the spokes of wheels, then they start turning. He is not a business punk, he is a business clown - an intangible intermediate being: chef, singer, artist, designer, father and most of all a very successful sheetmetalglasses salesman. 


The brand ic! berlin is an artistic story from and about Ralph Anderl. In addition to his razor-sharp business instincts and problems solving abilities, “pluck something out of the air” and “quickly throw it together” are the head-spinning tactics he uses to become master of his domain. 


Ralph is a family man and as such he knows responsibility and reliability. He spends time with his children, integrating them into his daily life as often as possible. His desire to lead the company like a family manifests in the company choir, the communal cooking in the office and most astoundlingly of all, Ralph empties the dishwasher in the office kitchen! 


He travels a lot, likes to surround himself with extravagant things, lives a flamboyant lifestyle and stands out in as many ways as he can. He is an inspiring person: my encounters with him are explosions of opportunities on the Autobahn to Mars.”


Friedrich Liechtenstein