Meet Paul R. wearing Paul R.
Meet Paul R. wearing Paul R.

Meet Paul R. wearing Paul R.

Meet Paul R. wearing Paul R.



Roman Fotostreifen

Name: Paul Rauhut
Position:  Technischer Mitarbeiter
ic! berliner since:  Mai 2015


Where did you grow up? When and why did you move to Berlin?
I grew up in Berlin, then after a quick detour in Brandenburg I spent ten years in Allgäu (Schwaben everywhere!). About five years ago homesickness pulled me back to Berlin.

What’s at the top of your Bucket List (things you want to do before you die)
To see the Trolls in Iceland and go to a Tool concert.

Paul R.

What would you like to learn? Eg. to play the saxophone, to tapdance, to speak Japanese...

What is the most recently played song on your iPod/Phone/Spotify?
Stromae – Te Quiero

What was your first concert? Most recent?
Die Ärzte – Die Antwoord

What series did you last binge watch?
Rick and Morty

Theatre or football?

Favourite smell?

What are you proud of?
Being fairly successful at being “grown up“.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?
Lead by example.

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