Meet Iku S. wearing Iku S.
Meet Iku S. wearing Iku S.

Meet Iku S. wearing Iku S.

Meet Iku S. wearing Iku S.



Name: Iku Sakakibara
Position: General Manager ic! berlin japan
ic! berliner since: 2009


Where did you grow up?
I was born and grew up in Nagoya (central Japan), moved to Tokyo to study. I used to live in Berlin and I would like to be back to Berlin one day.

Why did you apply to work at ic! berlin? Why did you want to work here?
I met Ralph in a Japanese Ramen noodle bar in Berlin. The decision was quick – almost without thinking, I shook hands with him.

What is the most recently played song on your iPod/Phone?
Baby sleeping music.

What is your favourite smell?

What do you collect?
I used to collect frogs, but not any more. I try not to collect things now – instead I’m trying to reduce material objects in my life.

What is your favourite place in Berlin?
Oh there are too many. But my most favourite might be the Fernsehturm (TV Tower at Alexanderplatz)! I don’t even need to visit – just seeing it gives me some magical power.

Fantasy pet?
A friendly lion.