The hinge
The hinge

The hinge

The hinge

The Hinge

Our revolutionary, interlocking hinge system means there are no screws to fall out or break. ic! berlin glasses can be dismantled and reassembled in a matter of seconds, by hand, without extra tools.

There are several flavours of our hinge, but none of them have screws, nails, bolts, glues, rubber bands or tiny little goblins holding everything together.

the hinge

The inclination hinge

Nobody’s perfect. Some of us have one foot larger than the other, one leg longer than the other, one boob bigger than the other. Most of us have one ear ever so slightly higher than the other, which can cause your glasses to sit crooked. We invented a quick and easy fix to adjust the temples up or down by three degrees, so your glasses will always sit level:

inclination hinge

The closed hinge and anchor clips

The ic! berlin closed hinge locks the temple in place without a clip. It comes standard in the 4 Stars collection and selected models with 6mm temples. For extra security, all open 6mm hinges can be closed by replacing the standard clip with an anchor clip, available from your friendly neighbourhood ic! berlin dealer.

The closed hinge

The 4mm hinge (closed)

To create the superfine 4mm hinge we tweaked the three-prong system. The middle prong is shorter, the temple is skinnier, and the clip is gone. The new temple is slender, sexy, sublime and doesn’t need to be removed to fit lenses.


Our silk collection features a brand new hinge system. We replaced the three prongs with a single “hork” (hook+fork) that locks the temple to the front more securely than ever before.

The Acetate Hinge

The acetate hinge

To make our acetate frames just as screwless and glueless we developed a two-part plug in bracket system. Acetate frames with 6mm hinges can also be fitted with an anchor clip for extra security and stability.

The Acetate Hinge

The plotic! hinge

the plotic! hinge