Meet Julika wearing Julika
Meet Julika wearing Julika

Meet Julika wearing Julika

Meet Julika wearing Julika



Name: Julika Zobel
Position: Design Coordinator
ic! berliner since: 2014


Where did you grow up? When and why did you move to Berlin?
I was born and raised in Munich. I moved to Berlin immediately after finishing school with pretty much my entire group of friends, because Munich was too small for us and we wanted a “Berlin Adventure”. Berlin was big, dirty and exciting. In 1999 there were still parts of Friedrichshain that didn’t have street lighting!

Why did you want to work at ic! berlin?
I had been working in the film & art industries for a while but they tended to be very abstract. I was drawn to working for a brand, for a product with which I could identify 100%. I wanted a product I could hold in my hand (or better yet, wear on my nose). The best part of working at ic! berlin is that I get to be part the production process from start to finish. Here I get to discover something new every day and that fascinates me.

What’s at the top of your bucket list?
Travel, travel, travel! I want to show my son how beautiful this world is and take him to as many parts of it as possible.

What was the first CD/Cassette/Record you ever bought?
It was Bob Marley, but I didn’t buy it – I stole it from my sister.

What is your favourite word?
Immádlok! It’s Hungarian and it’s a like a ‘one-up’ on “I love you”!

What was your first concert? Your most recent?
Cypress Hill; die Andwoord

What are you proud of?
My son!


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