Meet Mariusz B. wearing Mariusz B.
Meet Mariusz B. wearing Mariusz B.

Meet Mariusz B. wearing Mariusz B.

Meet Mariusz B. wearing Mariusz B.



Name: Mariusz Wrzesniewski
Position: Sales Representative Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary
ic! berliner since: 2014


What were you doing before you came to work at ic! berlin?
Before ic! I was working in the textile industry, mostly home textiles. I worked for a Polish company, a German company and then a Spanish company.

Why did you apply to work here? Why did you want to work at ic! berlin?
I had the idea to work for a Germany company in Poland, so I sent out my CV to as many as I could find. I had been offered a position with another company and the contract was waiting in my Inbox to be signed, but I still had an interview at ic! berlin. As soon as I arrived it was love at first sight. I knew straight away that I wanted to work for ic! berlin.

What’s at the top of your bucket list (things you want to do before you die)?
At some point in my life I absolutely must go parachuting.

What did you last splurge on?
That’s hard to say, as I’m usually quite frugal. Probably a pair of expensive football shoes for my son. Not sure how wise that investment was – he will probably grow out of them within six months.

Which series did you last binge watch?

What is your favourite smell?

Who do you admire?
Jan Mela – the youngest personal to reach the North and the South Pole, and he’s a double amputee.