Meet Werner A. wearing Werner A.
Meet Werner A. wearing Werner A.

Meet Werner A. wearing Werner A.

Meet Werner A. wearing Werner A.



Name: Werner Aisslinger
Position: Design Director
ic! berliner since: 2015


What is your favourite corner of Berlin?
There are too many, but to pick three: Cafe Gipfeltreffen in Kreuzberg, The Kino International and Schlachtensee.

What is your go-to ice cream?
Pistachio from Giolitti in Rome.

What is the last-played song on your iPod?
I don’t have an iPod, but the last played song on my Spotify was One by Johnny Cash.

Which series did you last binge watch?
Games of Thrones and now I’m going through withdrawals so I’ve started on Fargo.

Describe your perfect Sunday.
Sleep in, jogging, late breakfast, get outside. Then sketch, think, develop some ideas before dinner with friends or with Tatort.

The morning commute: bike, car or public transport?
All three: in the city by bike; business trips by train; private trips by car.

As a Berliner-by-choice, how do you identify with Berlin?
I love how liberal Berlin is – everyone does their own thing: live and let live. There is a hugely diverse creative scene that I’ve known and helped develop for the last 20 years. For example in 2003 I founded Designmai/dmy with 6 friends. I also love the little niches that couldn’t exist in a big economic haven, like the abandoned spaces, parks, galleries...


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