Meet Martin S. wearing Martin S.
Meet Martin S. wearing Martin S.

Meet Martin S. wearing Martin S.

Meet Martin S. wearing Martin S.



Name: Martin Schilka
Position: Technical Project Specialist
ic! berliner since: 2011


Where did you grow up?
I’m genuine Berlin-Mitte Boy. I grew up 200 metres from Alexanderplatz and I know Alex like the back of my hand.

The morning commute: bus, train, bike or car?
Sunshine, rain, snow or eis, it’s always bike.

What do you think makes Berlin special?
That there is so much diversity in cultures and neighbourhoods. On Thursday you can fly a kite on Templehofer Feld (an old airport which is now a public park), on Friday you can canoe down the canals of Kreuzberg, on Saturday you can go bar hopping in Friedrichshain and on Sunday rummage through one of the many, many fleamarkets all over Berlin.

Where is Berlin’s best Currywurst, döner or burger?
My favourite burger is the “Meister aller Klassen” at Burgermeister, but I don’t get to eat it all that much because the place is always packed full. My favourite (and the best) döner in Berlin is the durum-döner from Balli on Templehofer Damm.

What are you saving up for?
Right now I’m saving up for a quadcopter.

What is your favourite smell?
When I bury my face in my cat’s fur.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
If rocks have been put down to block your path, use them to build something useful.

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