Fitting lenses

Not all lenses are created equal. When fitting new lenses, we recommend high-index plastic (n≥1.6) or Trivex.

Groove width for metal frames will depend on the colour coating: for frames in PVD colours the groove should be 0.6mm wide and the lens cut true to size. For lacquered frames the groove should be 0.65mm wide and the lens cut 0.3mm smaller all around.

A correct fit ensures the perfect tension in the hinge and gives the frame the necessary stability: when a lens is cut to the correct size the space between the two sides of the hinge will be parallel:

Fitting 6,8,10mm -Hinge

4mm hinge

With the superfine 4mm hinge we streamlined the lens fitting process: you can now change the lenses without removing the temple. All you need is a little piece of ribbon or nylon, which can be ordered:

4mm hinge

Pop-fitting: rubber & silk

Rubber and silk frames have been specially designed to be fitted without need for a ribbon, nylon or any other tool. A correctly chamfered lens will pop securely into place – just like an acetate frame.

To avoid chipping the lens should be chamfered at 42°: on the back for rubber sunglasses and on the front for rubber correction and silk frames.

The lens groove must be cut 0.4mm deep and between 0.6 and 0.65mm wide for rubber correction and silk frames. Lenses for rubber sunglasses should be cut with a standard groove, 0.65mm deep.

Rubber correction and silk frames should be fitted outwards (from the inside-out | back to front) starting at the upper nasal corner:

Rubber sunglasses should be fitted inwards (from the outside-in | front to back) starting at the upper temporal corner:


Sun lenses

All ic! berlin sunglasses are fitted with super lightweight, super strong plastic lenses that offer full protection against harmful UV rays. Our sun lenses took the dropball test and aced it (F.D.A 21-CFR 801.410).

The table explains filter category levels of sunglasses but please note: the filter category is the amount of light allowed to pass through the lens and does not represent UV absorption.

If your sunglasses are fitted with polarized lenses please be aware of possible colour distortions or blackout with some LCD screens.


No tint.
No protection from sun glace


Light tint.
Light protection


Medium / graduated tint
Moderate protection


Dark tint
High level of protection


Special purpose lenses
Not suitable for driving