ic! berlin x Jeremy Tarian
ic! berlin x Jeremy Tarian

ic! berlin x Jeremy Tarian

ic! berlin x Jeremy Tarian

Are you


No. I'm
Jeremy Tarian

Introducing ic! berlin x tarian: a collection of vegan* organic fair-trade regional non-GMO deconstructed decaf soy cappuccino eyewear for vegetarians, humanitarians, egalitarians, fruitarians and antidisestablishmentarians.



Since his internship at ic! berlin in 2009, during which he won his first of two Silmo d’Or awards, Jeremy Tarian has gone on to study at Parsons School of Design in New York, collaborate with the HEAD school in Geneva and launch his own label, tarian, in 2012. Now he’s back where it all started for ic! berlin x tarian.

Comprising two correction frames and one sunglass, ic! berlin x tarian features five new custom acetate laminates curated by Tarian and named for some of his favourite cruelty-free foods: A for asparagus, B for beetroot, C for courgette, D for dragon fruit and E for echallot (Tarian is French, after all).

ic! belrlin X tarian is available May 2017 from herbivorous and carnivorous ic! berlin dealers worldwide.


Au menu ...

VegeTarian 1


à l'échalote




à l'asperge



au «fruit du Dragon»


*No animals were used, harmed, offended, ridiculed, embarrassed or made to feel unloved in the making of this collection.

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