Care & Maintenance
Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

ic! berlin glasses are designed so that you can break them down into their individual parts and put everything back together in under a minute, without the need for extra tools.

We recommend taking your glasses apart regularly for a full clean, paying special attention to the groove between lens and frame; this area seems to be a magnet for dirt and oils. A soft-bristled toothbrush is your friend here.

The best way to clean your ic! berlin frame is to wash with cold or lukewarm water and a mild household detergent. Oil based detergents such as dishwashing liquid can leave a greasy residue, so we recommend water or alcohol based solutions, such as window cleaners. Avoid chlorinated or harsh cleaners such as bleach, and remember: salt is the natural enemy of stainless steel!

While we do not recommend them, ultrasonic baths may be used, but only after the frame has been completely disassembled: remove all clips, nose pads and temple tips first. Frame fronts must be kept moving at all times in an ultrasonic bath.

After a quick rinse, dry everything off with an oil-free tissue or your ic! berlin polishing cloth and you’re good to go! Make sure all parts are completely dry before putting your frame back together, paying special attention to the lens groove, temple tips and clips.

And if this all just seems too much, your local ic! berlin dealer will happily clean and adjust your glasses for you.

Temple Tips & Nose pads

Tips & Pads improve grip and provide a soft cushion between metal and skull. Because they are in constant contact with your skin and/or hair they may discolour or perish over time (due to sweat, cosmetics etc.). As soon as they start to look a little worse for wear, head to your authorised ic! berlin dealer for a new set.

There are three flavours of temple tips and nose pads in our collection: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), silicone and acetate.

TPE and Silicone

TPE and Silicone tips can be cold adjusted by hand to achieve the perfect fit.


Acetate temple tips can be buffed and polished if they start to show signs of wear, but be aware that this can shorten their life span. Regular cleaning will prevent this altogether and prolong the life of your frame.

**ACHTUNG** Acetate temples and temple tips must be heated before adjusting or they will crack. This is best done by your local ic! berlin dealer. Temples with TPE or silicon tips can be adjusted cold.


If the hinge on your frame starts clicking, or doesn’t open and close as smoothly as it should, a drop of sewing machine oil will bring it back to life.

If you notice a drop in tension in the hinge, simply bend the middle prong back into its original position, so that it lower than the outer two.


The outer prongs keep the temple sitting securely in the hinge. If they are spread too wide, the temple will wobble around in the hinge. Just bend them back together to keep everything nice and snug:


Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) temple tips can be easily bent by hand to fit behind the ears, no heat necessary! Acetate temple tips, however, must be heated before adjusting.