Metal Colours

All ic! berlin metal frames are born naked from raw stainless steel. When it comes to dressing them up in colour we choose Physical Vapour Deposition or high-quality lacquer.

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD)

PVD is a process in which we vacuum-deposit a thin layer of crystals - ten times thinner than a human hair - directly into the surface of the metal. These crystals reflect light at certain wavelengths to produce vibrant, irridescent colours.

The PVD coating is extremely durable and scratch resistant, however over time you may notice slight changes at points of constant mechanical stress (i.e. hinges). This is unfortunately unavoidable, but we like to think it adds a little character and individuality to your glasses.


Some colours and finishes are impossible to achieve through PVD, so to give you as many options as we can we turn to traditional high quality lacquer. Lacquered parts are coated up to five times by hand before being cooked and set in an oven. This coating is softer and more elegant than PVD and meets the impossibly high quality standards of the wizards down in the ic! Innovation and Development Lab.

off white
deep hasel
brown mud
Marine blue