Meet Natalie Z. wearing Natalie Z.
Meet Natalie Z. wearing Natalie Z.

Meet Natalie Z. wearing Natalie Z.

Meet Natalie Z. wearing Natalie Z.




Natalie Fotostreifen

Name: Natalie Z.
Position: Sales Manager Western Europe
ic! berliner since:  2010


Where did you grow up? When and why did you move to Berlin?
I was born in Kiev, but I grew up in Berlin. My parents decided to leave Ukraine, when it was Soviet Union, so they took my little sister and me and brought us to Germany almost 30 years ago. They promised me that in Berlin I can have as much ice cream, bubble gum and bananas as I want, so I couldn't say no...

Which was your first ic! berlin frame?
Raf S. matt gold with brown sand lenses - and I still have it and love it! And after six years it still looks brand new

Where is your happy place in Berlin?
My happy place is a green oasis just a few kilometres from the hustle and bustle of Berlin: Grunewald, a very posh area with beautiful mansions and even a few castles. There’s also a huge untouched woodland and Lake Grunewald which on weekends is full of well-to-do Berliners walking their well-to-do dogs.

What is your superpower? (or: what can you do better than anyone else?
I am great at picking the right frames for any face. Give me one minute and my Sample Set and I’ll find the perfect frame for you!


East or West?
WEST! WEST! WEST! I was born and went to school in Charlottenburg, got my high school diploma in Schöneberg, studied in Dahlem and had my first kiss in Wilmersdorf. ic! berlin is the only reason for me to cross the invisible border every day.

What is your favourite smell?
The wonderful cinnamon aroma at the Christmas Markets in December, the beguiling fragrance of lilac trees in May, the refreshing scent of the Grunewald Forest after a summer rain in August...

Finish this sentence: „My colleagues don’t know that I...“
... hang out with my friends in a Russian karaoke bar almost every weekend... and (OMG) sing :)))

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