Spring / Summer collection
Spring / Summer collection

Spring / Summer collection

Spring / Summer collection



Live life transparently with new acetate hybrids from ic! berlin. Part of the Core collection, these five prescription models fuse a layer of transparent acetate over a stainless steel frame—combining the lightweight flexibility of an ic! berlin frame with the smooth feel of acetate.




With this new collection comes a variety of new colorways including Black-Crystal—a darker take on traditional Havanna acetate—plus fresh new colors like Ice-Tea and Petroleum that fit right into your summer style.


Alongside the Core collection come new Custom Fit frames. While designed to fit the facial features of Asian wearers, they are equally comfortable for those with smaller faces thanks to their specially designed nose pads.






The three prescription models are made of robust stainless steel and introduce a striking new copper tone. The two sun models are acetate hybrids and also feature the new Black Crystal colorway.

Express your confidence, style and comfort with the new Summer collection from ic! berlin.


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