June Launches 2022 - Giving you more sizing options and bestselling shapes

June Launches 2022

With our June 2022 collection launch we are very happy to present you a very diverse selection of bestselling trendy eye shapes.

First, we are proposing 6 models suitable for teenagers, young adults and, in general, people with slimmer faces. Model Sulley is a retro design with top bar and lower eye rim in contrasting colors, for example black and yellow! Model Hiro is a small faceted panto shape with a luxurious acetate ring in contrasting colors such as Blue Water with Shiny Copper. Grogu is a sporty flat rectangle with cool colors like Boulder Teak. With model Pluto we revisit the classic round shape. Pluto features Silk temples which give the design a beautiful, understated elegance. Model Lotso features the extremely popular trapeze shape of model Poniente in a smaller shape – the subtle PVD metal colors with lacquer contrasts on the top bar are spectacular! Finally, there is model Melody, a feminine panto shape with gorgeous PVD-lacquer contrasts.

Since the June launch is all about giving you and your clients more sizing options, we are also launching large versions of some of our all-time bestselling models: The Lone Wolf Large, Peter C. Large, Paul R. Large, Stuart L. Large and Rast Large.