This is The Rebel, a Panto-shaped frame from the Creations, Custom collection / The Cinematik made of Stainless steel. Like all ic! berlin frames, The Rebel is 100% designed and manufactured in Berlin.

The Rebel

Item nr.:
18 mm 50 mm 62 mm 145 mm
145 mm
Model: The Rebel
Variant: Black
Material: Metal
Light transmission: Dark
Shape: Round, Butterfly, Panto
Size: Oversized
Collection: Creations, Custom
Capsule: The Cinematik
Face: Rectangular
Material details: Stainless steel
Front color details: Black
Lens: Dark
Lens filter category: 3 Dark tint, lots of protection. Best for bright sunlight and driving.
Polarized: No
Mirrored: Yes
Weight: 18 g
Lens width: 62 mm
Lens height: 50 mm
Lens distance: 18 mm
Hinge: 6 mm
Nose width: 21 mm
Temple color: Black
Templetip color details: Black (TPE)
The Rebel is part of the Cinematik Collection: 12 individually inspired designs that have been supercharged with the archetypes of legendary film characters. This reinterpretation of the legendary Wayfarer is lean, lightweight, and ready for action. The colored lenses float almost weightlessly inside ultra-thin metal rims. And the rubber-wrapped temple tips add extra comfort-for a silhouette full of intrigue.