This is Etesians X-Small, a Oval-shaped frame from the Silk collection made of Stainless steel. Like all ic! berlin frames, Etesians X-Small is 100% designed and manufactured in Berlin.

Etesians X-Small

Item nr.:
19 mm 39 mm 45 mm 123 mm
145 mm
Model: Etesians X-Small
Light transmission: For prescription
Material: Metal
Shape: Round, Panto, Oval, Small
Size: Small
Collection: Silk
Face: Rectangular
Material details: Stainless steel
Front color details: Black
Lens: For prescription
Lens filter category: 0 No tint. No protection from sun glare.
Polarized: No
Mirrored: No
Weight: 13 g
Width: 123 mm
Lens height: 39 mm
Lens width: 45 mm
Lens distance: 19 mm
Hinge: 3 mm
Nose width: 20 mm
Temple color: Black
Templetip color details: Black